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When I was first arrested for a DUI, I began looking for attorneys. Every attorney I spoke with was either more interested in my money or fast talking & arrogant. When I called Mike Modica, I knew instantly he was the attorney that I would hire. Mike answered all of my questions. His confidence & experience made me feel assured that I had the best attorney without being the highest priced.

Mike Modica knew all the things to look for that helped prove my innocence & made the police look like fools for pulling me over. Mike never said take a plea, he fought to win my case. I won because I hired Mike Modica to represent me. Mom & dad may have given me life, but Mike Modica gave life back to me. — B.B.

Thank you Mr. Modica, Amanda and Karen for another job well done. You have handled several cases for me now and I am always treated with courtesy and respect. The entire staff at your law office always manages to make me feel like my case is as important to you as it is to me. You always return my calls promptly no matter how big or small the issue is. I appreciate the time and effort you put into every situation and how completely prepared we are every time we go to court. Your knowledge and expertise are quite evident in the courtroom. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done. I will continue to recommend you to everyone I know. — Chris

Mike takes a very commonsense approach to the law. His ability to break down legal concepts and navigate the legal system gave us a strong sense of confidence as we worked out a fair resolution to the charges facing our college student. I would recommend Mike without reservation. — R.O.

Mike is the ultimate professional. His calm demeanor complimented by his deep knowledge of Delaware law and its legal/court system made all the difference as we worked through what could have been a stress-filled, time-consuming and expensive legal process. I would recommend Mike without reservation. — D.D.

I have used Mike’s legal services on several occasions and in all cases have been pleased with the services rendered and the outcomes obtained. Mike is very knowledgeable of the law and does a good job at identifying your options and potential outcomes with each. He walks you through these in a way that is clear and you know what choices you have. He is thorough and goes the extra mile to ensure every avenue is explored that could prove helpful to your case. He has a calm and respectful demeanor that not only helps the client but, I believe, also helps him gain respect and cooperation from opposing attorneys and judges. The trust and credibility he seems to command in his legal environment is very helpful for the client in achieving satisfactory outcomes. — Anonymous

Mr. Modica is very thorough and has always recommended the best actions to take in court proceedings while representing a family member of mine on several occasions in the past. He truly cares about his clients and recommends that they do what is best for their own well being as well as their legal obligations although he does allow the ultimate decision to be the client’s if there would be choices in the matter, but he does encourage the client to make the best possible choice for themselves. — Donna W

I recently engaged the services of Mr. Modica and I must say I am very happy with his assistance. Below is how I feel about the job he did on my behalf: Based upon personal experiences with other law firms, I was extremely impressed with the attention I received from Mr Modica and the efforts he made on my behalf relating to my case. What impressed me the most is the fact that he took my case at a very short notice and still helped me get a favorable ruling. Now I have an attorney I can proudly refer to others! — Brian

I recently had Michael Modica represent me for a DUI. I’d never had any problems with the law ever, so this had been a frightening experience for me. I found him to be very caring and sensitive to my situation. He got back to me immediately with any questions I had regarding the case. I felt totally at ease dealing with Michael, and I would highly recommend him to anyone out there in need of representation. — Sincerely, LH

Mr. Modica did some legal work for me a few years ago when the contractor I had hired was taking money from me but not paying the supplier of cabinets for my kitchen. I had first hired another local attorney who never looked at any of the paperwork I had showing receipt of my payments or any other documentation. What resulted was a long and very costly battle with the contractor and, in turn, I ended up having to pay both court and legal fees. One year later, I learned that the supplier for the cabinets had put a lien on my home for payment well before I pursued this lawyer to take my case and it wasn’t removed at case settlement. Trying to get the lien removed, I did not receive a response from any of my phone calls to the lawyer who supposedly settled my case.

A friend recommended Mr. Michael Modica. Mr. Modica told me exactly what I should expect from his services. Within two weeks, Mr. Modica had the lien removed from my home and also had the supplier of the cabinetry to come back to my house and finish the work that was left undone a year previously due to the original legal issues. That was above my expectations!

Since my first experience with Mr. Modica, I have referred him to my sister who received a large refund settlement from work done on her home. Mr. Modica has also represented my kids in court for traffic tickets/violations and recently represented my neighbor’s son who was attending the University of Delaware for underage consumption.

Mr. Modica is a true gentlemen and very patient, highly ethical and understands the tension his clients feel. He is very upfront on expectations.

I highly recommend Mr. Modica for all legal issues. — Anonymous.

He was the best lawyer I have ever had. He was very honest and got deep into details and beat which what could of been my second dui. I will forever refer people to mr. modica he was great and worth every penny. I will forever be grateful. — Anonymous

Mike was great and very personable and my outcome was the best possible. Thanks! — Anonymous

Mr. Modica represented me with compassion belief in me and with respect. As a retired Philadelphia Police Officer, I will let my Faternal Order Lodge #5 know that if ever needed in the state of Delaware that I recommend him highly. It was a long day of at least 9 hours and he always had a smile on his face he won my case for me and for that I will always be grateful. Please know that you have a top notch Attorney in your organization be proud for I am of him and his service God Bless Him. — Joanne

Mr. Modica is a kind, compassionate legal expert. His legal ability is beyond the books. He is professional courtroom demeanor, communication with his clients , partner legal community and legal knowledge is beyond your average lawyer. I would highly recommend Mr. Modica with any legal issues for family or friends. — Barbara

I would like to thank my lawyer for represent myself in a DUI case first moving my case to CCP, then extend my driving license and represent myself in a DMV hearing. And also take his advise to take DUI class which I am very grateful, and taking care of matter in CCP once a again thanks a million for being my lawyer and I would recommend you to anyone a job well done. — Clarence

The outcome of the case was very favorable considering the mountain of evidence that was against me. I was able to keep my driving privileges and not have a DUI on my record, which would have been detrimental to my career and family. Mr. Modica was able to communicate my situation to the prosecutor and judge and they were all in agreement with the judgement.

The only that I think Mr. Modica could improve on is making the client feel more welcome during the initial process of taking the case, and to get a better picture of the situation and what kind of person the client is initially. He did that with me toward the end, but could have been done earlier. Other than that, I had a good experience with Mr. Modica. — Anonymous

I got into a bit of trouble and was referred to Mr. Modica. He worked hard on my case made me feel like I was his only client. I highly recommend him. His staff was very responsive and friendly. — Cheryl L. Fowler

He was very specific and responded promptly. — Lori McInturff

It could have been a possible 2nd DUI for me and Mr. Modica did everything he could to get me the best outcome which was first offenders program. I was very pleased with his effort. I felt as though he genuinely cared. He was the most professional lawyer I have ever encountered. — Emma

Mr. Modica represented me after I was charged with DUI. From my initial phone call through to the end of the case, he was both professional and personable. At every step in the process, he provided thorough instructions on what to do and what to expect. He was clearly knowledgeable in all aspects of the law pertaining to my case. He was prompt and well prepared for all hearings and meetings. His quoted price was reasonable, and there were no unexpected charges or fees. Without a shred of doubt, Mr. Modica’s skill, preparation, and experience led to a favorable outcome for my case. — Brian

Excellent consultation. He explained all the facts and our options in a clear and concise way which allowed us to choose the best path for us moving forward. Highly recommend. — Anonymous

I was very thankful that we retained the services of Mr. Modica. He immediately returned my call and walked me through the entire process. He is very knowledgeable of the law and was extremely professional as well as empathetic to my situation. I had many questions and he always promptly responded to me and patiently provided answers. He truly cared about providing me with a path to the best possible outcome. I am very appreciate of his assistance and would highly recommend him. — Anonymous

Mr. Modica treated my first offense marijuana charge with much compassion and strength. I hired him as soon as I worked up the money and I am now on my way to a career saving expungement. I highly suggest this man under any circumstance. — Cole

Mr. Modica explained to me our options and gave clear solid advice in regards to the VOP violation and sentencing procedures. If by chance we need an attorney, Mr Modica will be our first and only choice. — Stacie Jones

I was charged with an offense in Delaware, and knew none of the lawyers I know in PA. could handle the case. After much research and a consultation, I hired Mike Modica to represent me. I am very pleased with the outcome of the case and recommend Mike to other professionals who need a pro. — Anonymous

Worked hard to get proper dates for court appearances set up over 6 month period. Made sure evidence was collected and analyzed properly. Properly acquired all evidence in case and built a solid defense. Got all of my charges reduced to a single moving violation, nothing more than two points and a minor fine. Always was prompt and courteous with meetings and court dates. Very clear explanations of court proceedings and possible outcomes. Transparent and concise about intentions and realities of specific case. Worked to help me before anyone else. Very personable in manner. Overall would hire and recommend again. — Steve

It was great relief after meeting mike. Solved my case in a week. Had a great knowledge on what he do. I would surely recommend him. Thanks mike. — Anonymous

Hiring Michael Modica to represent me was the best decision I could have made. While facing multiple felony charges I maintained my innocence but it seemed that nobody wanted to listen . Michael Modica did listen .He was not about to let such an injustice take place. He fought for me every inch of the way and although I was being charged with more than 25 felonies all of the charges were dismissed and I didn’t even have to go trial. Michael Modica is a very caring person and an excellent Attorney. I highly recommend Mr Modica for your legal representation. You will be glad you did. — Anonymous

Mike did a great job. He is knowledgable and highly skilled. He acted with the utmost professionalism to quickly resolve my case and I highly recommend him. — Anonymous

I hired Mike to represent me in a 2nd DUI case. During my initial consultation Mike gave me realistic expectations before even hired. For me, it was more important to have an attorney I can trust rather than one who sells me by providing false expectations. This gave me ample time to prepare for the worst case scenario. Throughout the case Mike kept open lines of communication which is hard to find with other attorneys. The most valuable aspects Mike offers is his capability in the courtroom and negotiation with the prosecution inside and outside the courtroom. He is very professional and was very aware of the best possible pleas my case. Mike exceeded my expectations by creating a custom plea agreement specific to my needs and using all of his resources to make it happen. There is not a doubt that Mike made a tremendous impact on my life by keeping the ramifications of my charges to a minimal. If you choose to hire Mike as your attorney you will surely get more value from his services than the price he charges from representation. As a first time customer, God forbid I ever need another criminal offense lawyer, Mike is my guy. I hope this review helps and stay positive. — 2nd DUI Client

This attorney is a WINNER! I have trusted my sons life in his hands several times. I have retained Mr. Modica to represent him with criminal charges and modifications associated with VOP. Each time he has been attentive, successful and went over and beyond to get the results we asked for. He is a fighter and highly respected in the court and certainly has the background and experience to get the job done. He listens and replies within a timely manner to all your questions. He gives a personal touch to keep the family updated and is honest to let you know in advance the best strategy. His staff communication is respectful, attentive, and efficient on the phone to any questions or urgent needs. Without a doubt Mr. Modica is a hard worker and really cares about his client’s outcome. His prices are very reasonable. I have full confidence with him on the case. You can’t go wrong with this attorney. If you want to win, hire him. — Dianna

Knew Mike and his Family nice people. Never needed his service till now. Was nice to say hi. Hired him for my daughter he was compassionate to the situation, did everything he said he would. My Daughter was very happy. HE TOOK CARE OF BUSINESS!!! — Mark

I had a friend refer me to Mike, having limited experience, I did not know what to do. Mike handled my grandson’s case and gave him better results than I could have expected. My grandson’s charges could have sent him away for life and Mike got it worked out so he will have a life. I can not express how much I owe to this man. I would recommend him. He gives a free consultation. Take it and listen to him. In a profession that honesty is rare, he will tell you the honest truth. He is worth every cent … trust this happy grandmother. — Christine

Mr. Modica was very knowledgeable and gave me the right advice on how to handle my situation. He handled my case with care and communicated with me in every step. He helped me resolve my case with ease and positive outcome. I highly recommend his expertise in his line of defense. — Anonymous

I put the previous review with the title “disappointed”… I want to change that … I was upset about the way a certain hearing went and posted that review from an emotional place… Mr. Modica is one of the best attorneys in Delaware in my opinion as his reviews reflect. Mr. Modica went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied and I was. … Here’s the thing …not only is Mr. Modica a great attorney but he is a really nice guy.. Very likable as well as thorough. My family has used him a few times over the years with great success . I highly recommend Mr. Modica .. You will be hard pressed to find better… — Anonymous

I was on my way back to the DC area when I was pulled over by a officer and given SEVEN citations for anything he could think off. Being a young guy with a 70K car, it’s not my first time dealing with a officer who thinks I’m some spoiled brat and wants to teach me a lesson. Mr.Modica got ALL charges dismissed expect for improper lane change. HE’S THE BEST! — Keith

Mr.Modica saved my life… He looked at the facts and kept it 100% honest with me. Sometimes the truth is not enough.The laws that govern this great country are extremely complicated and therefore tricky to understand. I clashed with Mr.Modica on many occasions after doing my own studying and believing that I knew more about the law then maybe he did.In the end i placed most of my trust in him, and in our Father in heaven. And he cleared me of all charges that would’ve landed me in prison for a long time for something I did not not do. Mr. Modica, you are a great man and a beautiful mind. May God continue to bless you and yours. Your client and friend Mr. Daniel Diaz and Family. God Bless. Proverb 3:5 — Daniel

I searched through every criminal defense lawyer in Delaware, one told me he wasn’t even going to go to the preliminary, fast track or vop hearings – that he’d send his minion out to do that for him and he’d only attend the trial – funny thing is I’d have to pay him $21, 000 for him to only attend the trial. I was crushed thinking that my husband was going to rot in jail because I couldn’t afford that money and I was NOT going to pay for someone to not be there. Well I came across Modica on this site and gave him a call. He said he could meet me the next day and when we met he told me that he would be with my husband every step of the way and his prices were decent. I went with him. He was true to his wordand defended my husband every step of the way, he went that extra mile needed and we ended up with a plea of NOT GUILTY!!! I thank you so much for that Mr. Modica. Without you I ddon’t know where we’d be. — Amanda

I got myself into a bit of a predicament and Mike Modica helped save me money by bargaininh and getting me a plea agreement instead of going to trial… and no jail time! I don’t pla. On ever making the same dumb mistakes again, but I know who I will refer people to! — Anonymous

Mr. Modica came to me highly recommended and I couldn’t have possibly went with a better lawyer to represent me. I ended up with the best possible outcome and I know Mr. Modica played a big part in getting to that resolution. — Anonymous

mr. modica is an excellent attorney, he kept me up to date on everything going on with my case. and was very responsive in communicating with me. i would absolutely recommend him to anyone that needs legal help. — N

It was a pleasure to be represented by Mr. Michael Modica. Mr. Modica reviewed and discussed my case with me at length. By the end of our initial meeting, I felt that I was provided with guidance and support that I needed to get me through a very stressful and emotional time. During the hearing, Mr. Modica’s performance and representation was very professional, respectful and knowledgeable. I am truly grateful to him for the positive outcome. Not just me, but my entire family is thankful as well. I highly recommend Mr. Michael Modica for any needs you have that he is able to assist you with. — Anonymous and Grateful Client

Mr. Modica was in frequent contact with my brother while he was incarcerated. He kept both my brother and the family informed of the options and case strategies. When my brothers case went to trial Mr. Modica was well informed of the law and spoke well to the jury. He argued and won multiple objections with the prosecutor and ultimately the verdict for my brother was not guilty. Our family feels that this verdict was in large part to the defense strategy that Mr. Modica’s planned and executed. — Anonymous

After making a mistake placing my professional and personal future in jeapordy, I contacted Mr. Modica through a recommendation of a friend. He listened to my story and main concerns regarding the outcome of my charges. Though significantly concerned, I followed his recommendations which led me to results that exceeded expectations. Given previously experiences with well known legal representation in Wilmington, Mr. Modica made himself available on a regular basis to answer any questions or concerns that I had during the process. I will have no qualms in recommending Mr. Modica to any of my friends, family, or anyone needing legal represntation. A job well done! — Anonymous

After meeting with 4 lawyers to determine would was going to provide me with the best service at a fair price, I picked Mike to represent me in my DUI case. Mr Modica handled my case with the personal attention and effort that I had hoped for. His advice, guidance and recommendation provided me the opportunity to make the best of a difficult situation. I found him to be knowledgeable, honest and capable. — Anonymous

We engaged Mr. Modica for a family member with special needs. Another Attorney (highly ranked on Delaware Today’s Top Ten) had made mistake(s) that resulted in complicating our situation further. Of course, that Top Ten Attorney was willing to correct his mistakes, if we paid him to do so. We fired him and hired Mr. Modica. Mr. Modica handled our situation with compassion and skill, resolving it much to our satisfaction. He went out of his way to accommodate us. Several days ago I received a check from him in the mail, he returned monies he felt he did not earn. Hire him and ignore the Top Ten. — Anonymous

I was very worried about my case when I contacted Mr. Modica. I felt reassured after speaking with him because he took the time to explain all possible outcomes, demonstrated his expertise in Delaware law by detailing various opportunities we would have, and provided me with the confidence that he personally cared about the disposition of my case.

He did not “sugar-coat” my circumstances, but with comfortable professionalism and without judgment, he questioned me about all the relevant facts and clearly explained how each factor would affect his ability to argue on my behalf. Since I am not a resident of Delaware, he also demonstrated his knowledge about what I can expect under various outcomes as an out-of-state resident.

Throughout the process of my case, Mr. Modica was always responsive and incredibly helpful. I went into court with the confidence that regardless of the outcome, I had the best representation possible. As it turns out, Mr. Modica was able to achieve the best possible resolution to my case and I am forever grateful for his services, which I hope to never require again.

I highly recommend that anyone searching for legal counsel in Delaware contact Mr. Modica immediately. — Evan

Michael Modica is an excellent attorney. He was a referral and he came to my home and met me and my husband. He is trustworthy, always responsive, and extremely knowledgeable. He keep me and my husband informed all along the way. Our relationship lasted three years and he was respectful and attentive throughout this time. Mr. Modica is genuinely a very nice person, someone you want to befriend. I highly recommend him. — Patricia

I was lucky enough to be blessed with Modica as my lawyer for two DUI cases, one lasting over 30 months, and can not even begin to explain how well he has handled my cases! His confidence, expertise, and professionalism reassured me that I had made the right choice in representation. Modica always gave me the correct advice and never rushed through my case. He took his time and did his research, ensuring me of the best outcome. What seemed to be a nightmare with no end in sight became a fresh new beginning thanks to him. — Anonymous

Based upon personal experiences with other law firms, I was extremely impressed with the attention I received from Mr Modica and the efforts he made on my behalf relating to my case. What impressed me the most is the fact that he took my case at a very short notice and still helped me get a favorable ruling. Now I have an attorney I can proudly refer to others! — Anonymous

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