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Wilmington Weapons Charge Lawyer

The Delaware attorney general’s office has taken a hard stance against gun crimes and weapon offenses. The authorities are seeking jail time in nearly all cases. A conviction can also severely hamper employment and civil freedoms.

If you are facing a weapons charge, I provide the experienced and strategic defense you need. I, Michael W. Modica, have practiced criminal law in Delaware since 1982, when I started my career as a prosecutor. Knowing how these cases are investigated and prosecuted helps me fight the charges and minimize the punishment. Call a Wilmington weapons charge lawyer today.

Gun Crimes And Weapon Enhancements

As a defense lawyer, I have handled every type of weapon offense, from stand-alone gun crimes to escalated charges for other felonies involving the use of a weapon:

  • Felon in possession of firearms
  • Banned weapons (sawed-off shotgun, armor-piercing bullets)
  • Weapon possession in connection with drug charges
  • Weapon possession during a robbery, burglary or assault
  • Carrying a concealed deadly weapon without a permit
  • Illegal discharge of a firearm

Many of these offenses are punishable by mandatory prison time, which is tacked on to any sentence for the primary felony. I will challenge both the weapons charge and the underlying offense to avoid a conviction or enhanced sentencing.

There are always defenses and mitigating factors. What evidence ties the gun to you? Did you have the gun on your person? Was it loaded? Did police have a search warrant or reasonable suspicion for a traffic stop? Did they charge everybody in the vehicle with a weapon offense?

More Than 30 Years Of Experience On Your Side

The serious penalties demand the strongest representation possible. I take pride in my record of favorable results, especially in the toughest cases. Don’t go down without a fight. If you need a Wilmington weapons charge lawyer in Wilmington or Newark, call 302-600-1262 or contact me online for a free consultation.

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