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Wilmington Computer Crimes Defense Lawyer

In a wireless world, more and more crimes are committed using laptops and smartphones. The victim and the culprit often do not know each other; it all happens electronically and anonymously.

But the punishment for cybercrimes is very real: Jail or prison. Fines and restitution. Restraining orders. A criminal record that will make it hard to get a job, a loan or an apartment. If you are accused of using a computer to commit a crime, you need a lawyer who can protect you from the consequences of serious felony charges.

I am Michael Modica, a Wilmington computer crimes defense lawyer and former prosecutor with more than 30 years of experience in the Delaware courts. I have seen the rise of computer-related offenses. I know how these cases are investigated — and how to challenge the allegations.

Contact me if you have been charged or investigated in relation to:

  • Computer hacking
  • “Phishing” for personal data (identity theft)
  • Computer fraud or Internet scam
  • Harassment or threats via email, texting, etc.
  • Downloading or distributing child pornography
  • Soliciting a minor over the Internet
  • Wire fraud (using the phone or Internet to further a crime)

Fighting Charges Of Online Crimes

Law enforcement monitors chat rooms and sets up stings. The officers have broad powers to conduct searches, seize equipment and subpoena records. Their experts can trace electronic communication and recover “deleted” data from cellphones and computers.

But you have defenses under the law. The police must adhere to the Fourth Amendment regarding search and seizure. They must prove that a crime occurred, that you intended to commit a crime and that you were the person at the keyboard. (Who else had access to your computer or your accounts? Were you the victim of email hacking yourself?)

I have experience with white collar crime and sex crime cases. I will vigorously assert your rights at every stage. I have access to forensic computer experts who can identify weaknesses in the state’s investigation. I will fight to dismiss the case or exclude evidence. I will explore negotiations to downgrade the charges or soften the penalties while preparing to defend you at trial if necessary to prevent a felony conviction.

If you need aWilmington computer crimes defense lawyer, call me at 302-600-1262 or contact me online. Serving New Castle County and beyond, I offer a free, confidential consultation.

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