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University of Delaware Student Crimes Defense Lawyer

While any criminal charge is serious, regardless of who is being charged, a criminal conviction for a college student can have a significant impact on his or her education, career and future opportunities. A conviction can result in expulsion from the University of Delaware, jeopardize eligibility for financial aid, result in a barrier to graduate school admission, and create an impediment to opportunities with certain employers in the future. As a parent, it is important to protect the rights of your college student when facing criminal charges in Delaware, especially in Newark Alderman’s Court.

If you are arrested, especially by Newark City Police or by the University of Delaware Police, proceedings will likely start right away, and you need an experienced lawyer on your side as soon as possible. I have more than 30 years of criminal law experience and regularly defend University of Delaware students from criminal and traffic charges pending in Newark Alderman’s Court. Often, these charges involve Underage Possession/Consumption of Alcohol, Assault or Offensive Touching, Disorderly Conduct, Theft or Criminal Mischief, Drug possession or other offenses that can affect your continued attendance at the University of Delaware.

You have worked hard to gain admission to the University of Delaware. Your admission to the University of Delaware means that you are extremely bright and talented and have excellent prospects for future success. Do not let a criminal charge jeopardize everything you have worked so hard to achieve. Make sure you take your case seriously by retaining an experienced University of Delaware student crimes defense lawyer to defend you.

As a Wilmington college student crimes lawyer, I have extensive experience defending University of Delaware students charged with offenses that include:

  • Drug possession, including possession of a small amount of marijuana
  • Underage drinking and possession of alcohol
  • DUI
  • Criminal mischief and theft
  • Disorderly Conduct, Assault or Offensive Touching, Fighting at a bar, in a dorm room or elsewhere on campus
  • Statutory rape and other sex crimes

In addition to other penalties from the State of Delaware or Newark Alderman’s Court, as a student, you may also face sanctions from the University of Delaware for violating its Code of Conduct. These sanctions may include disciplinary probation, fines, parental notification, alcohol education -— and in the worst case -— expulsion from the University of Delaware.

If you are first-time offender and have never been in trouble with the law before, it may be possible to pursue a diversion option called Probation Before Judgment. Probation Before Judgment involves a postponement of the proceedings while you are placed on an unsupervised period of probation. If you successfully complete the unsupervised probation by not incurring any additional criminal charges, the pending charge against you will be dismissed without a conviction. You will then be able to obtain an expungement of your criminal arrest record to preserve your clean record. . I will thoroughly review your case to determine if this is an option available to you.

Contact Newark, Delaware, Underage Drinking Defense Attorney Michael W. Modica

If you are a University of Delaware student and you have been arrested for a crime, learn more about how to protect your rights. Contact me online or call 888-672-0082 to schedule a free initial consultation with a University of Delaware student crimes defense lawyer.

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