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Wilmington Embezzlement Defense Lawyer

Aside from going to jail or prison, a conviction for stealing from an employer could cost you your job or professional license. In the future, you could be “blacklisted” from employment in banking and finance, accounting, retail, health care, law enforcement, military service and other fields.

I understand that an accusation of embezzlement is personally and professionally devastating. I am Michael Modica, a criminal defense lawyer with 30 years of experience in the Delaware courts. I urge you to contact an Wilmington embezzlement defense lawyer immediately while there are still opportunities to resolve this out of court or minimize the damage.

Embezzling And Employee Theft Charges

I represent a vast array of employees who have access to accounts or authority to issue checks. I have defended the full spectrum of embezzlement accusations, which may include:

  • Skimming cash
  • Transfer of company funds
  • Writing checks to oneself
  • Falsified purchases or expenses
  • Theft of company property
  • Stealing customer lists or trade secrets
  • Theft from client accounts or escrow funds

Embezzlement is often a felony, but this depends on the amount stolen, prior convictions and other circumstances. Employers may agree to not press criminal charges in exchange for restitution, resignation or another negotiated resolution. If your case goes to court, I may be able to avoid an embarrassing arrest or get the charge downgraded to a misdemeanor, such as theft or forgery.

If you are prosecuted on felony embezzlement charges, I can vigorously defend you at trial. Embezzlement is often rooted in drug addiction, gambling losses or other debt problems — “robbing Peter to pay Paul.” With proper legal counsel, the court may consider these underlying motives as a mitigating factor at sentencing.

Protect Your Future

Anything that you say to an employer or investigator can be used against you. It is critical to get experienced representation early in the case. Call me at 302-600-1262 or contact me online if you need a Wilmington embezzlement defense lawyer. I take cases in Newark and throughout New Castle County.

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