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Wilmington Fraud & Identity Theft Defense Lawyer

Identity theft adds up to billions of dollars every year. That has brought additional heat from state and federal agencies armed with sophisticated technology. If you are accused of identity theft, credit card crimes or other fraud, you need a Wilmington fraud and identity theft defense lawyer who can counter the government’s vast resources.

I am attorney Michael W. Modica, and I have practiced criminal law in Delaware for more than 30 years, serving Wilmington, Newark and the surrounding areas. As a former prosecutor and a longtime defense attorney, my legal knowledge and courtroom experience can make the difference between freedom and imprisonment.

Identity Fraud And Credit Card Crimes

Most news stories focus on large-scale security breaches involving thousands of potential victims. I typically represent individuals who are accused of fraud or theft on a smaller scale:

  • Charging merchandise on a stolen credit card
  • Using a card reader to steal credit card numbers
  • Identity theft (using someone else’s personal information to obtain goods, loans, government benefits, etc.)
  • Check forgery
  • Creating or using a fake ID
  • Receiving stolen goods
  • Computer fraud/wire fraud

It is illegal to steal or possess identifying personal information: credit card numbers, bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, computer passwords and other private data. Identity theft and credit card fraud are serious felony charges.

A conviction may result in jail, and the judge can order full restitution to the victims. Any theft offense on your record can cause trouble with employment, college, housing, borrowing or even volunteering.

Experienced Defense

My goal is to get charges dismissed or downgraded. If the prosecution goes forward, I will provide a vigorous defense at trial to fight the allegations or limit the consequences. Call me at 302-600-1262 or contact me online if you need a Wilmington fraud & identity theft defense lawyer .

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