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Wilmington Indecent Exposure Defense Lawyer

In my experience, indecent exposure tends to fall into two categories: harmless but ill-advised actions of otherwise well-adjusted people and compulsive actions of psychologically disturbed individuals. In either case, it is considered a sex offense and must be dealt with promptly and correctly.

My name is Michael W. Modica, a criminal defense lawyer serving Wilmington and New Castle County, Delaware. My 30-plus years of criminal law experience can help make this unfortunate incident “go away” or minimize the punishment and collateral consequences. A sex crime conviction could seriously affect schooling, employment and your future. Call 302-600-1262 or contact me online to arrange a free consultation with a Wilmington indecent exposure defense lawyer.

“Indecent Exposure? I’m Not A Pervert!”

These charges commonly arise out of innocent circumstances. For example, college students getting naked in public on a dare, or high schoolers flashing or mooning someone as a prank. Having sex in a public place, getting caught masturbating or simply urinating in public view all can be charged as indecent exposure. All it takes is accidentally exposing oneself to the wrong person, in the presence of children or in a sexually aroused state. It’s simply no longer funny or harmless once the police get involved.

Many of these cases can be defended by showing that the action — however inappropriate — was not sexual in nature or intended to be shocking or threatening. In other cases, I have gotten the charge amended to a reduced charge or a non-sexual offense.

“Sexting” nude pictures to the wrong person can lead to charges of indecent exposure. If the person depicted or the recipient is underage, it can be construed as child pornography. What you thought was private and consensual may be a sex crime under the law. Be careful and talk to a lawyer if the police start asking questions.

When Exposure Is Actually A Sex Crime

People who expose themselves for sexual gratification — especially when the victims are children or the exposure involves dangerous behavior such as stalking or trespassing — will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It is critical to have experienced representation. Beyond making the state prove its case, I work to ensure that clients get a proper psychological evaluation. An underlying mental health problem may be a mitigating factor and may lead to productive treatment that alters the person’s future.

I Take This Seriously

I have the experience to make a difference if you need an indecent exposure defense attorney. I represent juveniles, college students and adults in Wilmington, in Newark and throughout Delaware. Call 302-600-1262 or contact me online to arrange a free consultation with a Wilmington indecent exposure defense lawyer.

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