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Wilmington Pre-Arrest Services

Unless the police actually witness someone in the commission of a crime, an arrest usually does not take place until after some investigative phase has been completed, and the police believe they have gathered enough evidence to have probable cause to make an arrest, and to mount a successful prosecution. In some cases, especially in areas such as white collar crime, computer crime or certain sex offenses, the investigation may go on for many months, and you may become aware of the investigation during this time. How you conduct yourself during this pre-arrest phase can have a major impact on the outcome of your case, or if you in fact are ever arrested at all.

My name is Michael Modica, and as a former prosecutor, I know what goes into to building a case against someone to develop probable cause and gather evidence for a prosecution. As a Delaware criminal defense attorney with over thirty years of experience, I can help you during this pre-arrest phase by offering practical legal advice and intervening with police or prosecutors on your behalf as necessary. Let me help you avoid arrest whenever possible, or put you in the best position for a positive outcome should an arrest occur with my Wilmington pre-arrest services.

Guidance during the Investigative Phase

When law enforcement agencies are conducting an investigation, they likely will seek to interview potential witnesses or suspects. Often times, it can be difficult to know if you are being sought out as a witness or a suspect, and what you say or don’t say can change your status in the eyes of law enforcement from one to the other. So, do you talk to the police? What do you say? What documents or evidence do you have to turn over when requested? The precise answers to these questions depend on a number of factors specific to your case. I can provide the guidance you need to navigate this complex situation with your rights protected and your best interests always front of mind.

Law enforcement agents are specially trained in questioning and interviewing techniques, particularly in getting you to make inconsistent statements. It is a crime to make false statements of material facts to law enforcement, and once they have a possible charge of lying to police hanging over you, they can use that charge as leverage to force more statements from you. You can avoid this trap by refusing to speak with police until you have consulted with your attorney. This is your right. I can help you determine how to respond to a request for information, from an informal interview to a custodial interrogation or grand jury subpoena.

Let Michael Modica Help You Get the Best Outcome in Your Criminal Case

I have been practicing criminal defense for over thirty years because I believe in what I do. I care about my clients and treat them as if they were a family member of mine who found themselves in trouble. I imagine myself as if I were the client and put myself in their shoes. I don’t judge, but merely do my absolute best to provide them with the defense they need and deserve. Read my client reviews, and you will see that clients find me easy to talk to and confident that I will do my best for them. Please allow me the opportunity to help you too. Call 302-600-1262 for a free consultation and to find out more about my Wilmington pre-arrest services.

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