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Wilmington Criminal Defense Attorney

Wilmington Criminal Defense Lawyer for More Than 30 Years

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Delaware, you cannot afford just any lawyer for your defense. You need an attorney who has the experience to effectively handle your case and achieve the outcome you deserve. Especially in criminal and traffic cases, EXPERIENCE MATTERS! For more than 30 years, I have been representing people faced with criminal and traffic charges and have worked to achieve justice for my clients — one case at a time.

My name is Michael Modica and I regularly handle a wide array of criminal cases, from traffic violations and misdemeanor offenses to serious felony cases. I am in court every day and have substantial experience defending every level of criminal offense in every court in Delaware. If your case requires going to trial, you need the assistance of an experienced trial attorney. I am that attorney. I have been representing people in Superior Court, the Court of Common Pleas, Family Court, Newark Alderman's Court, and Justice of the Peace Courts for over 30 years.

"Mike is the ultimate professional. His calm demeanor complimented by his deep knowledge of Delaware law and its legal/court system made all the difference as we worked through what could have been a stress-filled, time-consuming and expensive legal process. I would recommend Mike without reservation." — D.D.

Why Choose Me?

I believe that each client's case should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis with the presumption that every client is innocent until proven guilty.

The principle that guides me as a criminal defense attorney is to IMAGINE THAT I AM THE CLIENT as I represent people. I understand that being charged with a criminal offense is an emotional time for both the client and his or her family and my staff and I strive to be compassionate and understanding as I guide you through this trying time. I understand that each client has much at stake in the outcome of his or her case.

My experience as a former prosecutor, and over 27 years as a defense attorney, allows me to achieve outstanding results for my clients facing DUI, traffic, felony and misdemeanor charges in all courts in Delaware. As a former prosecutor, and seasoned trial attorney, I have a balanced and in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system.

I have long-standing professional relationships with local police departments, prosecutors, court staff and judges throughout Delaware.

I offer the best criminal defense representation available anywhere, promising experience-based results for you regardless of whether you need an attorney for a traffic charge, DUI, misdemeanor offense or serious felony charge. I vow to provide experienced, aggressive representation at an affordable price. I get results.


I provide comprehensive criminal defense representation to those being charged with petty misdemeanors all the way up to felony charges. I stay by my clients every step of the way — from the initial charge, all the way through appeals, pardons and sentence modifications. Contact me today at 302-397-3990.

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