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Monthly Archives: December 2021


What Is Considered A “WIN” In A Delaware Criminal Appeal?

By Michael W. Modica |

A conviction in a Delaware criminal case may seem like it closes the door to your legal options, but you may still be able to appeal the decision of the trial court if there were errors behind the verdict. In fact, many individuals in your position do exactly that according to the US Bureau… Read More »


4 Classes Of Computer Crimes In Delaware

By Michael W. Modica |

In the modern world where people are linked by computers, portable devices, and telecom networks, a good percentage of criminal activities occur through a keyboard as compared to city streets. Delaware lawmakers have kept the pace with technology to a certain extent, enacting numerous statutes on Computer-Related Offenses. These laws criminalize a wide range… Read More »


4 Things To Know About Technology And Delaware Domestic Violence Charges

By Michael W. Modica |

On any given day, you probably interact with multiple devices, electronics, and telecommunications networks for both personal and professional reasons. Statistics indicate that a whopping 97 percent of Americans have cell phones, and roughly 75 percent possess a desktop or laptop. Plus, around half have a notebook or tablet. Though some activities are more… Read More »

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