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Category Archives: Drug Offenses


Penalties For Cocaine Possession In Delaware

By Michael W. Modica |

Delaware’s drug laws are some of the toughest in the US, but not all controlled substances are treated the same. The statute classifies drugs according to their potential for abuse and accepted usage by the medical community, and cocaine is considered among the most dangerous. Aside from the type of drug, the Delaware’s Uniform… Read More »


Extreme Range Of Penalties For Drug Possession In Delaware

By Michael W. Modica |

Drug possession is often viewed as the least serious of all drug crimes in Delaware, and it is true that personal use amounts of certain substances may not even lead to jail time. However, the penalties for a conviction can also be much more severe based upon how the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, organizes… Read More »


4 Myths About Drug Crimes and Punishment in Delaware

By Michael W. Modica |

These days, anyone with a computer, smartphone, and access to the internet can get a wealth of information, on almost any topic, with a quick Google search. Unfortunately, there is a dearth of regulations regarding the accuracy and details of what turns up when you rely on the World Wide Web for some types… Read More »


Prototype for Pot Breathalyzer Revealed: Implications for Delaware Drug and DUI Laws

By Michael W. Modica |

For decades, Delaware’s criminal justice community has relied up breathalyzer devices to chemically test the blood alcohol concentration of a person suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol. Soon, officials may have access to additional technology to assist with drugged driving. According to a September 5, 2019 published by NPR News affiliate Delaware… Read More »


Delaware Moves to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

By Michael W. Modica |

Delaware once again came one step closer to legalizing recreational marijuana, as lawmakers revealed a measure that could make it the 11th US state to allow consumption of pot in various forms. According to an article appearing in the Delaware State News, the General Assembly introduced House Bill 110 on May 16, 2019, almost… Read More »


How Delaware’s Drug Court Program Works

By Michael W. Modica |

Since its inception in New Castle County, DE in 1997, the Delaware Drug Court Program has demonstrated clear benefits for those charged with various non-violent drug crimes. Lawmakers behind the initiative recognized that offenders often suffer from substance abuse. They are less likely to become repeat offenders by getting the treatment they need, instead… Read More »


Drug Recognition Experts in Delaware Drugged Driving Cases

By Michael W. Modica |

St. Patrick’s Day brings many Delaware revelers out to celebrate and drink green beer, and this year’s celebration brought the familiar advance warning about DUI checkpoints: Delaware Online announced in a March 12, 2018 article that checkpoints would be set up in New Castle, Kent, and Sussex Counties for the entire holiday weekend. The… Read More »


Dover Man Arrested on Drug Charges: Will Confession Stand After Reading Miranda Rights?

By Michael W. Modica |

After a three-month investigation, police arrested a Dover, DE man and four other individuals due to their alleged involvement in a heroin, cocaine, and marijuana trafficking ring. Delaware State News reported on January 18, 2018 that the leader of the group was taken into custody at his home when officials recovered the drugs and… Read More »


Drugged Driving Still a Crime After Marijuana Decriminalized in Delaware

By Michael W. Modica |

Many states in the US have decriminalized the use of marijuana in recent years; in 2015, Delaware enacted legislation making the possession and personal use of up to an ounce of pot a $100 civil fine. Under the previous law, an offender could face a huge fine and maximum six months in jail. However,… Read More »


Heroin Trafficking, Aggravating Factors in Sussex County, DE Bust

By Michael W. Modica |

Fourteen people face drug crimes charges for operating a heroin market out of two homes in Sussex County, DE, one of which is located near a school for special needs children. Delaware State Police announced the arrests after a three-month long investigation that involved multiple law enforcement agencies, according to a report in Delaware… Read More »

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