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Bad Reasons People Do Not Hire a Lawyer for a Delaware Criminal Case


You know that it is human to make mistakes, but there is one critical error you could make when you have been arrested and face charges in a criminal case. Trying to go it alone and represent yourself is not a wise move, even if you do have a legal background. One of your rights under the Delaware Constitution Bill of Rights and the US Constitution is hiring a lawyer, and it is just as important as other constitutional rights that apply in a criminal case.

Still, there are far too many people who try to rationalize and justify representing themselves against criminal charges. If you are considering going pro se, be aware that you must have in-depth knowledge of the laws, experience in court, and skills in negotiating plea bargains. A Wilmington criminal defense attorney possesses all of these. You should retain counsel asap once you realize all of the bad reasons people do not hire a lawyer after an arrest.

A Lawyer is Too Expensive: It may not surprise you to know that financial considerations are a top factor when it comes to determining a defense strategy. Many of those who face criminal charges believe that the cost of qualified legal representation is too high. Still, you need to think about how a conviction could affect your life, including the steep fines for some cases.

 Penalties are Minor: Delaware criminal laws include many different offenses that are misdemeanors, some of which are Unclassified Misdemeanors. The maximum sentence is 30 days’ incarceration, along with a fine. Many offenders will receive probation and may not even serve jail time, especially first-time offenders. However, a conviction is still on your criminal record. For subsequent convictions, the penalties will get harsher. It is best to fight the charges with legal help rather than just accept the consequences. Even plea bargaining through a guilty plea will be part of your criminal history.

You Can Handle the Matter Yourself: With minor misdemeanors, you might think that the facts of the case and legal issues are not too complicated. It might be tempting to represent yourself rather than pay a lawyer, but consider the time you would need to dedicate to your defense. You are attempting to learn complex legal topics, statutes, and court procedural rules, whereas your criminal defense attorney already has this background.

 Public Defenders are Available: If you qualify for representation through the state public defender, this is not always the best route. Keep in mind that these attorneys are bogged down with a heavy caseload. You may not get the personalized attention you expect.

Retain a Delaware Criminal Defense Lawyer for Legal Help 

When your rights, freedoms, and wallet are at stake in a criminal case, there is no room for errors with your defense. Avoid the biggest mistake of trying to represent yourself. To learn more about opportunities to fight the charges, please contact Attorney Michael W. Modica in Wilmington. You can schedule a consultation by calling 302.600.1262 or going online.

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