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Tips to Avoid Probation Violations in Delaware


Delaware offers a wide range of probation options for those who are arrested and convicted of a crime, and many first-time offenders will qualify. The primary benefit to you is that you will not be sentenced to jail, but you will need to meet the strict rules set by the court. Delaware’s statute on conditions of probation allows a judge to establish different terms, and your compliance is absolutely essential. Unfortunately, some people do not heed this advice and violate their probation. The most common probation violations include not appearing in court, failing to report to a probation officer, or getting arrested on a new criminal charge.

Fortunately, complying with the terms of your probation is entirely within your control. You have the power to stay out of jail and complete the requirements, which will resolve the charges and end your case. One of the most important priorities should be retaining a Wilmington probation violations attorney if you run into trouble, but some tips will help you avoid harsh consequences.

Best Practices for Probation: The consequences of breaking probation terms may include jail time or fines. Plus, the court may alter the conditions, potentially making them more restrictive. To avoid violating your probation, some tips include:

  • Do not associate with convicted felons or those who often engage in criminal activity. You could find yourself under arrest when caught up in the crimes of someone else.
  • Keep every single meeting with your probation officer.
  • Stay away from bars and establishments where there is known drug trafficking. These places could be raided, and police cast a wide net when making arrests.
  • Never break the law, even violations of traffic regulations.
  • Always be honest with your probation officer.
  • Steer clear of alcohol or drugs, even if not part of your probation. Controlled substances can lead to bad judgment and poor decisions.

Get Legal Help with Probation Violations: Despite your best efforts to avoid breaking probation, you could be looking at legal problems if you are accused of a violation. Fortunately, you will get your day in court to address the allegations that you violated probation. A criminal defense attorney can help build a solid strategy for the hearing, so consider the following potential outcomes.

  • You could convince the court to take no action and leave your probation in place. This might be a possibility for minor violations or when it is your first time violating the terms.
  • You may present evidence contradicting the government’s allegations that you violated probation.
  • If the court is considering jail time for a violation of probation, you will need legal help negotiating an agreement for the lowest possible sentence.

Talk to a Delaware Probation Violations Lawyer About Your Case

Ideally, you would adhere to the terms of your probation without problems, but life can throw disruptions in your way. To learn more about violations and your options, please contact Attorney Michael W. Modica. You can call our Wilmington, DE office at 302.600.1262 or visit us online to set up a consultation.

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