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What Should I Do After Discovering a Crime in Delaware?


It is imperative that residents of Delaware take appropriate steps after witnessing a criminal offense or stumbling upon a crime scene. Your next steps are crucial, and a mistake could attract unwanted suspicion from the authorities. Often, it is difficult to think clearly after such a traumatic experience – and this may cause you to act erratically. Follow these steps, try to remain calm, and approach the situation with a calm mind. 

Call the Police 

The first step is simple: Call 9-11. No matter how bad it looks, calling the police should always be your first option. The longer you delay, the more suspicious your situation becomes. Police are capable of using a range of evidence to determine exactly how long you waited before calling 9-11, and every second could be another reason to doubt your innocence. 

Call Your Lawyer 

After calling the police, you may want to immediately hang up the phone and call your defense attorney. Choose an experienced lawyer such as Michael W. Modica, and you can receive targeted advice from someone who has dealt with this situation in the past. Your lawyer can instruct you on your next steps, and they may remain on the phone with you until the police arrive. 

Do Not Touch Anything 

Do not disturb the crime scene while you wait for the police to arrive. Whether you have discovered a dead body or you have witnessed a car crash, it makes sense to simply stay where you are and wait. Touching things may not only make certain evidence inadmissible, but it may also make your actions seem more suspicious. 

Understand Your Rights 

There are several rights you should be aware of after discovering a crime in Delaware. First of all, the police may put you into a witness protection program if you are in danger. This should inspire greater confidence if you are afraid to report the offense due to the potential vengeful actions of the culprits.

Secondly, you should be aware of your right to remain silent. After calling the police and reporting the crime, you may choose not to make any further comments to police officers. Indeed, most criminal defense attorneys agree that this is the most logical course of action – especially if your circumstances seem suspicious to outside observers. Even minor words can potentially incriminate you if you are not careful. 

Cooperate After Consulting with Your Attorney 

You can choose to remain silent until first consulting with your attorney. Police must allow you to speak with your lawyer, and this consultation can provide important advice. Based on the guidance of your lawyer, you can then begin to cooperate with any investigations.

 How Can I Contact a Defense Attorney in Wilmington? 

If you have been searching for a qualified, experienced Wilmington criminal defense attorney, look no further than Michael W. Modica, Attorney at Law. Despite your best efforts, you may find yourself under investigation after discovering a crime in Delaware. As long as you contact a defense attorney as quickly as possible, you should have nothing to fear. Book a consultation today, set the record straight, and avoid unwanted consequences.




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