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Monthly Archives: September 2022


How Delaware Officials Investigate Computer Crimes

By Michael W. Modica |

There was a time when law enforcement lacked the knowledge, tools, and experience to effectively pursue computer crimes, but the resources available to investigators are now quite robust. Despite the efforts and innovations used by hackers, police are making more arrests than ever for violations of Delaware statutes on Computer-Related Offenses. Officers are developing… Read More »


What Is “Occupational” Fraud Under Delaware Criminal Laws?

By Michael W. Modica |

Fraud is an umbrella term that covers many different types of schemes in which a perpetrator misappropriated the property of another through use of false statements or deception. One specific type that is on the rise in the US is occupational fraud, which the Association of Certified Fraud (ACFE) defines as knowing misrepresentation of… Read More »


Penalties For Cocaine Possession In Delaware

By Michael W. Modica |

Delaware’s drug laws are some of the toughest in the US, but not all controlled substances are treated the same. The statute classifies drugs according to their potential for abuse and accepted usage by the medical community, and cocaine is considered among the most dangerous. Aside from the type of drug, the Delaware’s Uniform… Read More »


Defenses To Weapons Charges In Delaware

By Michael W. Modica |

Violations of Delaware weapons laws may not constitute a large percentage of the arrests police make every year, but the statistics show that law enforcement is diligent about apprehending suspects. According to a report on Crime in Delaware, officers charge around 2,100 people with weapons law violations. The counts range from possession by prohibited… Read More »

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