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Monthly Archives: October 2022


Consequences Of Violating Probation In Delaware

By Michael W. Modica |

In many Delaware criminal cases, especially those involving first-time offenders, a court will order probation as the sentence for a conviction. Under the system of classifying punishment, probation falls at Level I, II, or III based upon how involved you need to be with a probation officer. Still, the requirements of probation are preferred… Read More »


How Delaware Habitual Offender Cases Are Different From Other Criminal Cases

By Michael W. Modica |

Like other US states and the federal government, Delaware treats criminal cases very harshly when the accused has a history of arrests, convictions, or both. In short, the statute on habitual offender status provides that individuals convicted of certain offenses will receive longer periods of incarceration when they have a prior criminal history. The… Read More »


Driver’s License Suspension V. Revocation In Delaware

By Michael W. Modica |

It is true that the two terms are used interchangeably, but a driver’s license suspension and revocation are very different concepts under Delaware law. Essentially, your driving privileges are temporarily removed when officials suspend your license; with a revocation, your privilege to drive is canceled entirely. However, the statute on driving without a license… Read More »


What Are Index Crimes In Delaware?

By Michael W. Modica |

In addition to investigating crime, the FBI is also charged with tracking criminal activity for purposes of predicting trends and assessing the effectiveness of crime fighting efforts. The agency created the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program to assist with these efforts, and the regulations create a classification system for Part I and Part II… Read More »

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